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Each publication volme shares the following common reference content:

Wolf, Jean, Randall Guensler, Simon Washington, Wayne Sarasua, Chris Grant, Shauna Hallmark, Marcelo Oliveira, Maxim Koutsak, Ranganathan Thittai, Robert Funk, Jeffrey Hsu (1999). "Development of a Comprehensive Vehicle Instrumentation Package for Monitoring Individual Tripmaking Behavior; Georgia Transportation Institute; Georgia Institute of Technology; Atlanta, GA; March.

The five volume publication set is provided in Adobe Acrobat format below:

Draft Final Report (GTI - R - 99005)
Draft Test Plans and Results (GTI - R - 99004)
Technical Specifications and Analysis (GTI - R - 99003)
Project Overview and Functional Specifications (GTI - R - 99002)
Literature Review (GTI - R - 99001)

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