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The next meeting of the MSTRS will be Wed., July 12 in Alexandria, VA. Details below...

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June 2000 (you are visitor number Hit Counter since 6/9/00):

(6/19): Reminder: Monday, June 19 is the cutoff date to make reservations at the government rate with the Holiday Inn Select in Alexandria VA, the site of the MSTRS meetings in July. Check the posting below from June 5 for details

(6/13): The Clean Air Act Advisory Committee (our parent organization) will be holding its next public meeting on Friday, June 16, in Arlington, VA. The agenda is attached as 0006caac.pdf. Their subsequent meeting is planned for Friday, September 22 in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

(6/9): The letter announcing the next MSTRS meeting is being prepared for mailing and will go out today.

MSTRS Listserver message No. 2 went out earlier today. If you receive the mailing but not the listserver message, it is likely a problem with our record of your email address. Likewise, if you have received the listserver message but not the mailing, it could be an address problem. If you would like these two systems to be synchronized, please submit the appropriate information to John White by email at or by phone at (734) 214-4353. An archive of the messages will be maintained on this site. The button is located at the top of this page or you can click here.

(6/8): The draft agenda for the meeting of July 12 is now available as a .pdf file. Click on the text to open or download it. Paper copies of the agenda and other materials should go out in the mail on Friday, June 9. Remember: to make hotel reservations at the government rate, the cutoff date is Monday, June 19. See the news items from 6/5 (below) for details. The news items from 5/10 will provide some background.

A new feature of MSTRS now available to members and other interested parties is a "listserver." This computerized system allows email messages to be broadcast to subscribers. Individuals on our mailing list who provided their email addresses were subscribed automatically and should have received the first edition during the week of June 5. Anyone else interested in the work of the Subcommittee is welcome to subscribe, as well. Here are the instructions:
• Prepare an email to:
• Leave the subject line blank (or type in a period if your mail program insists on a subject)
• In the body of the message, type: subscribe mstrs emailaddress firstname lastname
(the subscriber should insert his or her own emailaddress, firstname and lastname, of course)
• Send the message.
Within a day, the new subscriber should receive a confirmation message and some additional information by email.
Forewarning: we are looking at the listserver/website system as a way to substantially reduce the volume and burden of "snail mail" distribution.

(6/5): The next MSTRS quarterly meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 12. The theme will be "Modeling." A number of presentations are being planned but the draft agenda is not quite ready for distribution. As we agreed at the last meeting in April, time will be set aside for attendees to state their thoughts and express their opinions regarding EPA’s onroad fuel regulations. The draft agenda should be posted here in the next week or so. Paper copies of the agenda and other information on the meeting will be sent to everyone on the mailing list shortly thereafter.

Several Workgroups are also making plans to meet in conjunction with the MSTRS meeting: Phase II RFG may meet on Tuesday, Air Toxics is planning for 1-4 on Tuesday and OBD will meet on Thursday from 10-3.

The meetings will be held at the Holiday Inn Select in Alexandria, VA. This facility is at 480 King Street in the center of Old Town, a quaint collection of shops, restaurants and other attractions on the Potomac River. If you have ever considered bringing a spouse or guest on the trip to one of these meetings, this location will be a good one.

If you are planning to stay overnight at the hotel for any of these meetings, please note that  to ensure rooms at the government rate ($118), the cutoff date is Monday, June 19. Mention "EPA" as you make your reservations. Telephone numbers are (800) 368-5047 from outside Virginia and (703) 549-6080 from inside Virginia. "Invited" travelers should notify their EPA staff contact promptly to get the process started. Detailed information on the hotel is available on their website at

All meetings are open to the public and advance registration is not required.

May 2000:

(5/10): The next meeting of the MSTRS will be held on Wednesday, July 12 in the Washington, DC area. The facility has not yet been chosen. It is likely that the theme will be "Modeling."

A fundamental aspect of modeling is the gathering of data. Under a Cooperative Agreement with EPA, the Colorado School of Mines is developing a website to serve as a clearinghouse for information on test programs related to mobile sources. The project is in the early stages but is available for viewing. Visitors are also invited to enter information on their programs to help expand the database. Please take a look at:

EPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality is deeply involved in the modeling of emissions from mobile sources. You may wish to view the home page for their efforts at:

You may also be interested in a major EPA document, "National Air Quality and Emissions Trends Report, 1998." It is available at:

The State of California is also involved in air quality modeling. You may wish to visit this site for more information:

(5/1): The draft minutes from the meeting of January 12 were discussed at the meeting on April 12. As a result, a few minor changes were made to Steve Brisby's presentation on CARB's RFG Phase 3 Program. The complete minutes are now available as FM000112.pdf. Click here to download or open that file.

April 2000:

(4/28): Mary Green of EPA in Ann Arbor has succeeded Jenny Criss as FACA Management Officer for this Subcommittee. She will be handling the administrative aspects of MSTRS operations, including arrangements for invited travelers. She may be contacted at Click here for her address and phone number. Thanks to Jenny for several years of great support to the work of the Subcommittee. Invited travelers for Workgroup meetings will continue to be supported by other EPA staff according to the current organization chart. Click here to open or download the chart.

(4/24): The quarterly meeting of the MSTRS was held on Wednesday, April 12 at the Radisson Hotel-Old Town Alexandria. The theme was "Nonroad." Copies of the final agenda, the presentations and a summary of related EPA standards are available for download as .pdf files by clicking on the title in the list below:

The draft minutes from this meeting will be posted in early June. There is a small supply of agenda packets left over from the meeting. If you would like one, please email John White with your address. Click here for additional ways to contact John

The next meeting of the MSTRS will be on Wednesday, July 12, somewhere in the DC area. One or more Workgroup meetings may be held on Tuesday or Thursday.

March 2000:

(3/30): There have been some slight adjustments in the draft agenda. Click here for the latest version as a .pdf file.

(3/29): Information on the meeting of April 12 was sent out by US mail. The invitation letter is attached as a .pdf file. Click here to open or save it. Note: attendees wishing to stay at the hotel at the government rate must make their reservations by April 3. Other information (minutes from 1/12 and the draft agenda for this meeting) are available below.

(3/24): The April meetings will be held at the Radisson Old Town in Alexandria, VA. The hotel is located near the Potomac River fewer than two miles south of National Airport. The address is 901 N. Fairfax Street, 22314. Their telephone number is (703) 683-6000. Blocks of sleeping rooms have been set aside for the nights of the 10th and 11th. When calling for reservations, tell them you will be attending the EPA meetings on 4/11 and/or 4/12 to get the government rate. More information on the hotel is available on the web at:

The OBD Workgroup will meet on Tuesday, 4/11 from 10:00 to 3:00. Ed Gardetto, co-chair of the group, will be sending out more information shortly. He may be contacted by phone at (734) 214-4322 or by email at

The full Subcommittee will meet on Wednesday, 4/12 from 9:00 to 3:15. Please note this meeting will start at 9:00 rather than 9:30 as in the past. The draft agenda will be mailed out early in the week of March 27.  Members of the Subcommittee will be receiving the draft minutes from the January meeting (Click here for a copy as a .pdf file) while invited travelers will also receive the usual travel documents. John White is the contact for this event. His telephone number is (734) 214-4353. His email address is

(3/16): A contract for meeting support has been awarded to EC/R of Chapel Hill, NC. Brian Morton is our principal contact. He is working to find meeting space and sleeping rooms in the DC area for meetings of the OBD Workgroup on 4/11 and the MSTRS on 4/12. The theme of the MSTRS meeting will be "Nonroad Vehicles and Engines." Speakers are now being recruited. A mailing with the draft agenda and administrative information will go out as soon as possible but you may wish to check back here occasionally or contact John White.

(3/10): The next meeting is still scheduled for April 12 in the DC area but a new contract for technical support has not yet been signed. Thus, we have not been able to reserve a facility. This situation should be resolved later in the month. The tentative theme for the meeting is "Nonroad." Questions and comments may be directed to John White at EPA in Ann Arbor.

February 2000:

(2/8): The next meeting of the Subcommittee will be on Wednesday, April 12 at a DC-area facility yet to be determined. The theme of this meeting is also undetermined but could be "Nonroad." The remaining meetings for 2000 will be held on July 12 and October 18.

Our parent organization, the Clean Air Act Advisory Committee, will be meeting on Tuesday, February 15 at the Washington Marriott Hotel. Paul Rasmussen is the Designated Federal Official for that group. His telephone number is (202) 564-1306 or he may be reached by email at:

January 2000:

(1/24): Copies of the overhead transparencies from three of the four presentations from 1/12 are available as .pdf files for viewing or download:

Copies of the overheads from the remaining presentation should be posted shortly

(1/11): The final agenda for the meeting of January 12 is available for download as a .pdf file. The theme of this meeting is "Fuels." The only other meeting to be held in conjunction with that of the full subcommittee will be the OBD II workgroup on Jan. 13 in the same facility (Holiday Inn-Washington on the Hill).

(1/5): Some adjustments have been made to the agenda for the meeting of January 12:
MSTRS members Mike Kulakowski (Equiva) and Bob King (Sun) will make a presentation on the challenges facing the domestic fuels industry,
The agenda item for a report from the Heavy Duty Engines Workgroup has been withdrawn, and
The presentation by Steve Brisby (CARB) on California's RFG Phase 3 program has been moved to the late morning. Barry McNutt (DOE) will make his presentation of the future of motor fuels as planned.

December, 1999:

(12/15): Plans are now in place to hold the meeting as scheduled. It will be Wed. Jan. 12 at the Holiday Inn-Washington on the Hill (same as last time). Room reservations can be made at the government rate by mentioning EPA/MSTRS when calling the hotel at (800) 638-1166. . The draft minutes from October 13 are also available. The only Work Group meeting in conjunction with the MSTRS meeting is the OBD WG. It will meet on Thursday from 10am-3pm.

(12/10) This message will give you an update on our plans for the meeting on the 12th of January. Basically, the meeting is on with "Fuels" as our theme but we need to overcome some contracting obstacles before we can finalize the contract for the meeting site and room arrangements. Right now, our plans are to hold the MSTRS meeting on Wed. Jan. 12 at the Holiday Inn-Washington on the Hill (same as last time). The OBD WG will meet the following day. The Air Toxics WG has not yet decided if they will meet in conjunction with MSTRS. We do know that no other WGs plan to meet.

I am working to resolve the contracting aspects and plan to send out our normal preliminary agenda package before the holidays. We will make sure you have some time to make sleeping room arrangements at the group rate. You may wish to check here occasionally for the latest in advance of the mailing. You can also contact me (John White) or Jenny Criss with questions.

November, 1999:

Click here for an organization chart of the MSTRS which includes its six Work Groups and associated contact information. It is a .pdf file. Also included is a list of dates for the meetings in 2000 (Jan. 12, April 12, July 12 and October 18).

October, 1999:

The most recent meeting of the Mobile Sources Technical Review Subcommittee was held in Washington, DC on Wednesday, October 13, 1999. Here is the Agenda. You can also view or download the Minutes from the Meeting of July 14, 1999. Both are .pdf files.

The program on October 13 included four principal presentations: Click on the title below to open or download a .pdf version of the overhead transparencies:

For general information on the work of the Subcommittee and for copies of other documents that were distributed at the meeting, please contact John White at EPA. His address and other contact information are below.

The next meeting of the Subcommittee is scheduled for January 12, 2000 in Washington, DC. The agenda, times and exact location have not yet been established. Please contact Jenny Criss at EPA if you would like to be notified when these arrangements have been made. The MSTRS Helpline number is (734) 214-4518.

The Clean Air Act Advisory Committee is creating a website which will eventually house the proceedings of this subcommittee. You may click on the URLs below to check on their progress:


Mobile Sources Technical Review Subcommittee

This subcommittee provides the Clean Air Act Advisory Committee (CAAAC) with independent advice, counsel and recommendations on the scientific and technical aspects of programs related to mobile source air pollution and motor fuels. Through its various workgroups, the MSTRS addresses a wide range of developments, issues and research areas such as emissions modeling, air toxics, innovative and incentive-based transportation policies, on-board diagnostics, heavy-duty engines and reformulated gasoline.

The MSTRS is composed of approximately thirty technical experts drawn from a wide range of stakeholder organizations. Included on the roster are individuals from the automotive industry (vehicles, engines and components), energy companies, academia, public interest groups, state/regional/local governments and specialized consultants. Click here for a current (as of 6/00) list of members, alternates, EPA reps and contractor staff.

As a result of the workgroup structure employed to address specific areas, almost two hundred people are involved in the work of this subcommittee. Meetings of the full subcommittee are held quarterly. Workgroups conduct a total of approximately a dozen meetings during a year. Since its formation in 1996, the MSTRS has presented several major reports to the CAAAC which, in turn, have been forwarded to the Agency for its consideration and action.

Questions, comments, suggestions, etc. should be directed to:
John T. White (for technical questions)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2000 Traverwood Drive
Ann Arbor MI 48105
(734) 214-4353
fax: (734) 214-4821

Mary Green (for administrative questions, e.g., travel arrangements)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2000 Traverwood Drive
Ann Arbor MI 48105
(734) 214-4411
fax: (734) 214-4869

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