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Emission Test Laboratory Upgrade Work Group Goals


OMS Emission Test Laboratory Upgrade Workgroup

July 16, 1997

Mobile Sources Technical Advisory Subcommittee Clean Air Act Advisory Committee


To advise the Office of Mobile Sources (OMS) of the Environmental Protection Agency on the technical merits of their draft, multi-year plan to upgrade testing capabilities at the National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions laboratory, and provide insight and recommendations to improve the plan.


Based on new emerging knowledge concerning health effects from mobile source pollutants and based on new data needs as a result of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, an OMS testing resources steering committee has identified a number of new testing capabilities needed to satisfy mobile source program priorities. Furthermore, OMS is looking for opportunities to upgrade existing lab facilities and systems in a way that would make test data collection more efficient. OMS is identifying those core test capabilities that must be maintained at OMS's own facilities as opposed to those capabilities that can be reliably and acceptably provided by a contracted laboratory.

OMS management has determined that all parties could benefit from an advisory workgroup made up of technical representatives from industry, academic, state and federal laboratories.

The Work:

The workgroup will become familiar with EPA's current and planned/needed future capabilities both through touring our facilities and studying the current draft OMS laboratory upgrade plan. Based on their review, the workgroup will provide and discuss comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the plan. At least four monthly meetings will take place to discuss and gather information and focus toward the final output. The workgroup will raise issues and advise OMS before it drafts the final laboratory plan.


Final output will be a document reviewing the OMS laboratory plan, discussing strengths and weaknesses and making recommendations to increase efficiency and/or effectiveness of the OMS test laboratory.


The workgroup will carry out its charter over a 4-month period starting August 1997 . The first meeting will occur on August 20, 1997 at the NVFEL.

Workgroup Chairs:

The workgroup will be co-chaired by Bob Jorgensen, Cummins Engine Company, and Michael Sabourin, Director of the Testing Services Division/OMS.


Membership will consist of Industry, State and Academic lab representatives. Members are:

Richard Gibbs - State of New York
John Johnson - MI Tech University
Robert Bisaro - Ford Motor Company
Richard Pearl - Toyota
Bill Baker - Detroit Diesel
Al White - Chrysler Corporation
Raphael Susnowitz - CARB
Richard Bishop - John Deere
Randy Brown - Poulan/Weed Eater
Giedrius Ambroziaitis - Mercedes Benz Service Corporation
Bill Frank - Briggs and Stratton
James Williams - American Petroleum Institute

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