USEPA Office of Mobile Sources Technical Review Sub-Committee
Modeling Work Group Goals

Revised Draft Charter for Modeling Work Group

The Mobile Sources Technical Review Sub-Committee to the Clean Air Act (CAA) Advisory Committee was formed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide the EPA office of mobile sources (OMS) with the counsel on scientific and technical aspects in specific focus areas, including: in-use emissions deterioration, modeling of average in-use emissions levels, and the vehicle compliance process. The Technical Review Sub-Committee is a 20-member body representing a wide range of interests, backgrounds, and perspectives.

The Modeling Work Group is a subgroup of the Mobile Sources 'Technical Review Sub-Committee. At the direction of the Mobile Sources Technical Review subcommittee, the Modeling Work Group will review technical data and publications in the motor vehicle emissions modeling arena. The Modeling Work Group will be charged by the Technical Review Sub-Committee with activity in specific areas, providing input to EPA OMS on specific issues regarding modeling methodologies and draft OMS products (such as analyses of vehicle emissions data and modeling algorithms proposed for use in the MOBILE highway vehicle emission factor model).

The specific charges to the Modeling Work Group include providing assistance to OMS in the setting of priorities for work associated with the development of the next major update (MOBILE6) to the highway vehicle emission factor model, and defining a recommended procedure for obtaining outside review of work products developed in support of the MOBILE6. Such review needs to account for the interests of and input from stakeholders in the emission estimating process and expert opinion from a variety of sources (Federal and other government, academia, auto and oil industries, environmental interests). The Work Group may also determine that it would be beneficial to select a few specific issues in this arena to be analyzed as a group.

The Modeling Work Croup shall meet periodically over the course of the next year, and will provide for open discussion and dissemination of information for those issues with which the group is charged, The Modeling Work Group shall regularly report draft findings and recommendations directly to the Mobile Sources Technical Review Sub-Committee. Draft findings and recommendations will be evaluated by the Technical Review Sub-Committee, which shall in turn decide how these issues should be addressed and reported to the full CAA Advisory Committee, which alone may formally give EPA collective advice.

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