Dr. Randall Guensler

Associate Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
790 Atlantic Drive, Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0355 USA
Phone: (404) 894-0405  FAX: (404) 894-2278
E-Mail:   randall.guensler@ce.gatech.edu
Website: http://transaq.ce.gatech.edu

Supervised Graduate Student Theses:

Name Research Current Position Graduated
Granell, Jessica Model Year Distribution and Vehicle Technology Composition of the Onroad Fleet as a Function of Vehicle Registration Data and Site Location Characteristics Transportation Engineer, Federal Highway Administration, Southern Resource Center 2002 (Ph.D.)
Ikwut-Ukwa, Henry Development of a Methodology for the Kinematic Acquisition of Roadway Grade Data Transportation and Environmental Specialist, Parsons Transportation Group, Inc. 2001 (Ph.D.)
Wolf, Jean Using GPS Data Loggers to Replace Travel Diaries in the Collection of Travel Data President, GeoStats Consulting Inc. 2000 (Ph.D.)
Thornton, Matt Modal Vehicle Activity on Freeways and Onramps: An Assessment of NOx Emissions Impacts from Ramp Metering  Senior Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory 2000 (Ph.D.)
Hallmark, Shauna Analysis and Prediction of Individual Vehicle Activity for Microscopic Traffic Modeling Assistant Professor, Iowa State University 1999 (Ph.D.)
Ahanotu, Dike Heavy-Duty Vehicle Weight And Horsepower Distributions: Measurement of Class-Specific Temporal and Spatial Variability Consultant, Cambridge Systematics, Inc. 1999 (Ph.D.)
Grant, Chris Modeling Speed/Acceleration Profiles on Freeways Assistant Professor, Embry-Riddle University 1998 (Ph.D.)
Bachman, William A GIS-Based Modal Emissions Model Principal, GeoStats Consulting Inc. 1997 (Ph.D.)
Tomeh, Osama Source Apportionment of the Onroad Fleet Consultant, Booz Allen & Hamilton Inc. 1996 (Ph.D.)

Current Graduate Students:

Name Research Current Position Graduation
Techakampolsarakij, Orawan Expected Consumer Response to OBDII Warning Lights MS Thesis Student <2001>(M.S.)
Ko, Joonho Integration of Travel Demand Models within the MEASURE Framework Grad. Research Asst. <2005> (Ph.D.)
Feng, Chunxia Load-Based Heavy-Duty Truck Emissions Modeling (MEASURE) Grad. Research Asst. <2004> (Ph.D.)
Li, Hainan Route Choice Algorithms Based upon Instrumented Vehicle Research Grad. Research Asst. <2004>(Ph.D.)


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